Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It’s taken me ages to get around to watching this, literally ages. I kept seeing it in the shops, umming and aahing over whether to get it or not, even dirt cheap, then a few weeks back buckled and bought it.

A good decision.

Firstly, it’s entertaining, funny, gruesome, slightly slow in parts, but makes up for it in sheer wit alone.

Secondly, Eric Bana is one of the finest actors around at the moment and this, which I believe was the role to break him into the film world, just goes to further reinforce that fact.

Immediately I likened Bana’s role in this to that of Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, whilst tonally different films, the level the characters are at is very similar, struggling with their psychosis (I make no claim that that is the right word, but hopefully you get what I mean), flipping through moods like a rolodex, blistering performances from both of them.

Chopper is a blinding film, one of the best Aussie films I’ve seen to date, so go and watch it now!

Chopper – 9/10

Taxi 3

I’m a big fan of the previous two instalments of this series (I’ve thus far ignored the American remake!!).

What they are, are simple good fun action-comedy movies, at times cutting very close to the bone with humour that you simply wouldn’t see in a British or American film.

As per usual it starts in much the same way with a practically vomit inducing ride in Daniel’s uber-taxi, this follows and forms part of an unexpected cameo appearance.

There’s a lot of ‘technical’ or ‘reality’ errors in this film (as with the other two), you’ll se what I mean, but at the same time, you just don’t care, the whole thing is ridiculous, and these ‘errors’ are perfectly acceptable.

It’s a proper buddy movie, sentimental, comical and fun, something which is lacking in most of the movies that Hollywood’s churning out at the mo.

If you want a stupid, fun film (or three) watch Taxi.

Taxi 3 – 8/10