Saturday, January 13, 2007


Just watched it on Sky, pretty enjoyable. I never really got into Firefly, mainly because it was on at stupid o'clock on Sci-Fi, from what i saw it was ok though.

Nathan Fillion, as well as everyone else, is clearly having a ball making this "western-in-space" romp across the galaxy. Chiwetel Ejiofor is the cool, emotionless killer (think John Preston before he went soppy, and thus Mr Ejiofor would've been far better in place of Taye Diggs...but I'm wandering...)

Basically everything revolves around the fact that they have a psychic girl (River) on board the ship (I think this leads on from the series), and the visions she's having. (Joss Whedon loves his ass-kicking little girls doesn't he...think John Preston as a girl...see Underworld...almost)

The plot is pretty mych standard sci-fi fare, it's the style (of writing) that sets it apart. Watch, chuckle and enjoy.

Serenity - 8/10

The Punisher (2004)

All round, not so hot.

There's some good bits in it, some moments of inspiration, but overall it's basically dross (here's to the sequel!?)

On the plus side, I guess it's better than the earlier version, which I remember watching a while ago (and have just refreshed myself (unfortunately) with the trailer), but then that one did star Dolph Lundgren...nuff said.

Yes I know he was in Rocky IV, doesn't mean anything else of his is any good though!

Thomas Jane, chews everything up as Frank Castle, except for John Travolta who chews everything up for the bad guys.

If it was a little pacier, more violent and grim, I'd probably have forgiven the acting, script etc a bit, but it wasn't, so this film remains a wannabe.

I'm curious though, not having read any of the comics, if a decent film can be made out of it??

The Punisher (2004) - 4/10


Unfortunately for this film, due to when it was released immediate comparisons were made to Shaun Of The Dead, so I will make those here.

It's a British horror comedy.

End of Comparison.

Well almost, I'd put this more in the same camp as the excellent Dog Soldiers as opposed to SOTD.

Even throwing in a rather attractive American girl, Severance remains quintessentially British, the main characters, the humor, everything about it is good old Brit!

Most of all it's funny, bloody funny, in a very matter of fact kind of way, and some very clever ideas thrown in (notably with decapitation for one).

It also features probably the best death I've ever seen on screen with Billy, absolute brilliance!

I've seen a fair bit of ranting about this on IMDb (which is *the* place to see ranting and arguments if there was one!), it seems to divide people into two distinct camps, those who get it and those who don't.

The one's who don't clearly went to see it thinking it was going to be a full on "horror" in the vein of Hostel and the like, and even after the title sequence, *STILL* didn't get where the film was coming from and thus, in their ignorance came out unsatisfied.

The ones who do (myself included), see the cliché's and such for the irony they're there for, and thus enjoy the film. I rented this on DVD (see how good a movie at home can be), I WILL be purchasing of it for my collection. Cheers.

PS: Gordon *IS* Penfold

Severance - 8/10

Underworld: Evolution

On a vampire (or vampyre depending on your preference) roll now, watched Night Watch, my mate Greg's on MSN telling me he's watching Underworld: Evolution, I think, "Yeah, i fancy a bit of that, the first was was entertaining enough..."

And so I did. Good story huh? ;)

Well, yes, the first one was entertaining, I enjoyed it at least, and like most heterosexual young men I was initially drawn to it by the promise of a tightly clad, vampy Kate Beckinsale :P And was not disappointed, reasonable film to boot!

So this second one was beckoning me with more of the same (obviously didn't expect anything more) and it delivered, although it didn't feel quite a pacy as the first, there was still enough Vampire vs Werewolf action to keep me amused for the duration.

If there was going to be a third (which there is), |'d watch it! Obviously not a £6 cinema trip, but much like Resident Evil, if it's on Sky, I'll sit down and enjoy :)

Underworld: Evolution - 7/10

Night Watch [Nochnoi Dozor]

Another film somewhat over-hyped I feel. I expected a roaring, visceral, damaging vampire movie, what I got was a slow, mostly dull, somewhat confusing film with an annoying lead, who just needed to SPEAK UP!!

Yes I know it's in Russian, but still the noise of a man trying to speak through a millennia's worth of phlegm is not that nice!

Some of it was quite good, where the action got going that is, although I can understand that the main guy is tormented, depressed whatever, but why so weak?!? C'mon man sort it out!!!

Anyway, the marketing and what I'd heard about this film, pretty much misled me in most ways possible, not sure I'll be bothering with the other two.

Plus point tho, another two words to add to my russian vocab!

Night Watch [Nochnoi Dozor] - 5/10