Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's been bloody ages since I've had the chance to sit down and watch a film, like properly watch one, rather than just catching a bit of one on Zone Horror or something ;)

Anyways, Zodiac, the latest offering from one of my favourite directors David Fincher.

It's a long old film, clocking in at around a week and 3.5 days, it meanders along at a steady and meaningful pace. Beautifully so.

Despite it's length there's so many things about Zodiac that i just love, and those things keep me wanting more from Fincher.

Unfortunately it's rather late and I'm pretty tired, so I'll probably come back and edit this one, but I just wanted to get something posted since I've been so busy of late.

Set aside an evening and hire out Zodiac, that's all I can say right now. That and Mark Ruffalo practically IS Vincent D'Onofrio!


Ok back for a little more...

Zodiac is NOT a serial killer movie, it's a story about obsession, it shows the ensemble protagonists becoming more and more embroiled and obsessed with the Zodiac and the killings, each one searching for the answer(s), each to the detriment of their own lives.

It's a brilliant film, possibly one that you have to be in the mood for, not in a Visitor Q way, but more being prepared to go the long haul.

Zodiac - 9/10