Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome and Good Day!

Hey hey!

Welcome one and all to my new blog, dedicated to brief yet incisive (?) reviews of the films I watch, some will be new , some will be older films that I like or have simply re-watched.

I kinda started this on my old MSN Space, by giving one line views on films I'd recently watched. I hope to expand on this, maybe to a paragrah or two ;)

Bear in mind, I'm not a "qualified" film critic, but I do like films and as far as I'm concerned this is good enough!! Also bear in mind that although I do bear a certain amount of technical knowledge about the film making process, I watch films cos I want to enjoy them, and will hopefully review them as such, any technical points in the review are there because that's what I noticed, not what I was looking for, also there will be no specific times for posting, just as and when I watch something and feel like commenting on it. (I do watch stuff pretty regularly tho!)

Feel free to comment on whatever you read here, It's an arse that Blogger doesn't provide categories other wise I'd do that, but I couldn't be arsed to register yet another account somewhere!

Oh yeah.. enjoy ;)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, like the films blog and will check out the updates as they come in - I did notice on your Rooser spot that you're into some 'unusual' films as well as mainstream, so am watching with interest.
Cheers, andymac (macformat forum)