Thursday, December 07, 2006

School Of Rock

"One good concert can change people's lives"....not this one!

Let's be honest, what's the fuss about Jack Black, he's not that great, this film, supposedly one of his best, is simply bland, it has the odd moment of humour, notably his derogatory name calling of the kids, but apart from that, it's simply a very average, light hearted film.

The resolution left me unsatisfied, not a great enough character change for my liking, being that I never really liked his self-centered character, the kids were ok, but the whole thing was just wholly underwhelming.

You'd be better to watch Rock School with Gene Simmons, either series, than this.

School Of Rock 5/10

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Mike Peter Reed said...

Jack Black's recent movie career seems to be built on that defining moment in School of Rock. Without wanting to give to much away, it's that classic "touching moment". But yeah, apart from that the film's pretty average and I don't think I've seen another Jack Black film since.