Sunday, April 29, 2007

Clerks II

Ahh, Kevin Smith, one of the movie industry's great conundums.

He's revered by many many people, does Q&A's all over the place (was tempted to go to the London one myself), he shot to stardom with the really rather good indie-slacker-fest that was Clerks, B&W, dialoge that equates to being the Tarantino of the comedy world and yet something eludes him... another good film, preferably without Jay & Silent Bob.

Dogma was ok, everything else sucks balls.

So he comes back with Clerks 2, back to what he knows best, a film to give closure on that chapter of his life, to reflect about being in his 30's.... or a desperate attempt to rekindle what success he had before???

Probably a bit of everything and unfortunatly for the most part, Clerks 2 is utter toss, when you consider turning a film off, that ain't good.

The store burnt down, so they now work in a burger bar and "hilarity" ensues... parts i remember (literally just watched it) that made me chuckle...

1. Lord Of The Vom
2. Work based relationship (know how that feels)
3. ....

that's all I can remember.

Something that struck me.. Rosairo Dawson is ridiculously natural throughout most of it and although they probably fit the characters a little better than they should, both Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson are pretty good throughout, just the film isn't.

It's all about the swearing, all about how crude and offensive can I be... oh how big and clever is that Kevin??

Then as it's dragging towards the end, once it's grated past the "donkey show" and it enters it's final act...wait a minute...what's this????

This is good, a little poor on pacing, could do with getting chopped a bit, but listen to it, it has meaning, it has substance, emotion... KEVIN SMITH CAN ACTUALLY WRITE!!!!

Then why the hell doesn't he do it more often?!?!?

Clerks II - 5/10

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