Monday, February 11, 2008

Enemy Of The State

Everyone and his mum is in this film, Will Smith, Jason Lee, Jake Busey, Lisa Bonet, Barry Pepper, Seth Green, Jack Black... it's like they gathered together all the 'new talent' at the time and threw them at Tony Scott.

EOTS is a pretty good, conspiracy thriller, all NSA and spy shit, with Mr. Smith caught up in the middle.

It's a bit far fetched in places (NB: rotating a 2d cctv video image.. uhuh), but it's an entertaining run about, and surprisingly relevant!!


Mike Peter Reed said...

Best thing since "Sneakers" if you remember that? (It had Robert Redford in it and is the only conspiracy film to date that I can remember where the hackers go through rubbish bins).

EOTS made me realise that Gene Hackman was utterly utterly wasted in the Chris Reeve Superman films.

Matt Grover said...

One thing Mike...


That film RULES!