Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Y'know when I saw this advertised I was like "Meh", when I saw that it had won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay is was like "Ok, Meh", having now watched it I can say "Cheers!"

A surprisingly awesome film, maybe a little over the top on some of the "teen slang" scripting and performances in places, but still a heartwarming, interesting and highly entertaining movie.

Michael Cera's stunningly understated performance clearly steals the movie, and I'd hazard a guess that it pisses on Superbad (yet to endure that one) and despite the caricatured characters that the film requires, they all had depth and actually, believability.

I can't take it with all these movies that as far as I know I shouldn't like, but then do, what's with that? A new found open-mindedness? Being in touch with my feminine side? Dunno, maybe it's just there's some good films about in the indie sector now and I should pay more attention, and so should you.

Juno - 9/10

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