Friday, May 23, 2008


Let's face it, Highlander is awesome! Have a list of stuff that will go some way to proving that.
  1. Christopher Lambert - An American brought up in Switzerland, thus giving him a crazy accent anyway...playing a Scotsman.
  2. Sean Connery - A Scotsman with one of the most distinctive voices in the world, making no attempt at an accent as he plays an Egyptian from Spain called Ramirez
  3. Clancy Brown - A solid middle American with deep American voice playing an ancient Russian (no accent needed)
  4. Sword fighting Immortals
  5. Queen soundtrack that dicks on Flash Gordon
Any arguments? No. Thought not.

It's ropey and pretty poorly directed in places, but for sheer nostalgia value, it's solid!

Highlander - 8/10

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