Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Pixar started out by giving inanimate objects life, such as in the iconic short Luxo Jr. Now although robots are not exactly inanimate, an interesting decision was made to not give them human voices as is done in most other films using robot characters.

Although at first this seemed a bit odd, I (along with many other people) thought that if anyone could pull that off, it would be Pixar.

And pull it off they do. The characters a engaging, charming and far more captivating than those of Cars for instance.

It's still not up to the standards of Toy Story, but I thought it was a bloody good film.

Wall*E - 8/10

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Mike Peter Reed said...

I also liked the comments on modern (American?) society: Fat, and afraid of personal contact. It's kind of a forgettable film though ... not much "gee whiz look at that!" going on, but I spose this is 2008 and computer animation is basically as mature and boring as cel animation.