Friday, July 18, 2008


The ONLY word that was in my head when we came out of the cinema after this was "INTERESTING", I just couldn't decide whether I liked it or not. My girlfriend was the same, neither of us could decide whether we'd actually enjoyed the film or not. Which is weird.

Interesting is a good word for it though. It's interesting what they do with the 'superhero' genre, the down and out Hancock and where they go with his vague 'origin' story, but that's about it, yeah there are some somewhat funny moments, there's no real peril until the end and all in all it's a bit average. Shame.

Hancock - 6/10

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MPR said...

I think, aside from the "immortal" story, this flick is about self-destructive couples and selfishness, and selflessness. Very paradoxical, which is probably why I liked it. Probably not enough in it to bother watching it again until it's on telly some Sunday evening.