Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Batman : Dead End

You're probably wondering what this is all about eh? No, it's not the Untitled Batman Begins Sequel, this is a fan film. Yes, that's right a fan film, a short film made by filmmakers who are fans of, in this case, Batman.

Why am I doing a write up on this?!? Why not? I never said this blog was going to be exclusivley theatrically released feature films (although they will more than likely be the majority), I do watch short films online, partially cos I work on short films, but also because some of them are quite good. This is one I enjoyed.

Batman : Dead End, is listed on theforce.net, and features Batman, played by Clark Bartram (although that name sounds like it's been made up especially for this). He goes out to pick up The Joker who's escaped from Arkham and gets himself stuck down a dead end with a host of unsavoury characters, in the shape of Aliens & Predators.

Now when someone sys "fan film" you immediatly think, kids, geeks, home video, bad costumes and acting etc etc, what a lot of people fail to realise is that there are filmmakers out there who go to a hell of a lot of effort to make their film look as good as poosible, just as you would expect from a "serious" short. This is one of those, they've gone to a lot of effort, got people in who have really good Alien/Predator outfits and tried to compose and light as best they can.

Unfortunatly the Batman costume is a tad dissapointing, ok, it looks like some of the comics, but c'mon, someone's got to have made the body armour!

Anyway, I enjoyed watching this which is the main thing, it's just over the eight minute mark with credits and is easily watchable. I felt it kind runs down the line of, "this is quite good, it's almost really good" if you get what i mean.

I downloaded the small mov (48Mb) from TFN, (I downloaded the 160Mb MPEG as well but that didn't work!), check it out.

Batman : Dead End - 6/10

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