Monday, May 08, 2006


B-Movie Madness! Slime, nastyness, laughs, CHEERS!!

Difficult what to know what to say about this one, I've been really looking forward to seeing it, waiting...well ages, ever since I saw the trailer online, would I be as disappointed as I was with the humongous let down that was The Weather Man??


It could have been better, with the posters screaming "The funniest comedy horror since Shaun Of The Dead", didn't help it, it's nowhere near as funny (but the line probably rings true). I'd put this film easily in the same stock as Eight Legged Freaks, and I'd rate it about the same...but nastier!

The performances are as good and as convincing as you'd expect from a film of this caliber, Nathan Fillon strikes the right level of redneck and tough guy for the police chief, Elizabeth Banks is just the right amount of ice-cream & flake (work that one out!).

One of the little touches I liked in this film not the uber references scattered throughout, although there are many (and clever)...but the relationship between Starla and her (body snatched) husband Grant, it's surprising how much it makes sense and how much it adds to the film.

So what exactly is this all about eh? It's essentially a bog-standard "body-snatcher/the thing" type affair, clearly drawing on many genre influences and putting them to good use. It's a tad slow in places as it tries to build the tension when all you want is laughs and slime, but it's heart is in the right place. The backwoods, redneck setting works brilliantly, to be honest I would've liked to have seen them push it a little further with that, but is has the desired effect.

Don't go in expecting anything nearly as funny as SOTD, but do expect a above average, slime n laughs horror. Enjoy watching it, and be prepared for your girlfriend to go-on about how disgusting it is after you watch it ;)

Slither - 7/10

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