Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Devil's Rejects

Two words... "Kinda" and "Dissapointing"

The press clip on the cover states something along the lines of "The sickest, goriest film ever", no the first one (House of 1000 Corpses) was probably that, but not this one.

The reason it's kinda dissapointing is that, well the press clip on the front and the fact that I've seen the prequel, I was ready and willing for "The sickest, goriest film ever", what I (and Vicky) got was a very clever, beautifully shot, funny, and quite original and entertaining, if a little slow, road movie. Not what we were expecting.

The film is supposedly set after the events of the first (unfortunatly I was unable to recap myself) and kicks off with a blazing shootout at the Firefly's home, after this some of the clan escape and go on the run, chased by the sadistic, revenge seeking sherrif.

Once again the film is one big homage to the 70's horror classics, even features Michael Berryman in a small supporting role. Sylistically (god knows on spelling there, I should type this all up in Word first!), it's a beautiful film, the opening sequence is a joy and sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the movie. All the performances are top, nobody's gonna win an oscar here, but each one suits the role and is performed with conviction.

I certainly hope Mr Zombie continues to make great films, as the horror genre is on the bounce back, with many sub-genres(?) floating about with directors like Mr Zombie, Ely Roth and Neil Marshall making their own films and not just Hollywood ripping off the Japanese ;)

I'd've liked more guts n gore, maybe even a bit of cringing on my part but still, watch this and be surprised.

The Devil's Rejects - 7/10

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