Thursday, June 08, 2006

Poseidon [DMR]

OK, for starters, this film is NOT Citizen Kane. Now I don't mean that in a derogitory sense, I'm stating it for the benefit of cinema goers who, it seems, expect way too much from blockbuster movies nowadays.

This remake of the 1972, Ronald Neame film "The Poseidon Adventure" has taken a lot of flak from the critics, mainly for it's lack of character development, which "means" you don't really care if they live or die. Comments have been that there's not enough of a build up, they're all thrust into the disaster side of things before you really get to know them. This is not something I had an issue with, except for one character, that of Dylan (Josh Lucas), I wanted to know just a tad more about how come he was so gung-ho and knew so much.

As the credits rolled, I caught a couple of comments from other viewers, expressing their dissapointment and also "How American it was" (NB: American produced blockbuster!!), me? I loved it. (The Film) It was everything I wanted, a big dumb disaster movie, cheers. Plus, as you may have noticed the "[DMR]" on the title of this post, I saw this at the BFI IMAX at Waterloo, thus MASSIVE SCREEN, this does a couple of things.

Firstly, once I settled into watching such a MASSIVE screen, I really enjoyed the super-size version. The opening sequence was a bit iffy, lots of camera tracking and motion, means you really notice the strobing on such a large screen. Secondly, and this is a note to filmmakers who are thinking about getting their 35mm piece blown up to IMAX, it really shows up the mistakes, like during the scene on the ship's bridge, a glaring focus error, and some of the CG during the titles is a little shoddy. That said, this was a million times better than Troy, Wolfgang Peterson's last "disaster" movie!

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed this film, it's the first time I've been to the cinema for some months now (too many!), and the first re-mastered film I've seen at the IMAX (saw Ghosts Of The Abyss there before tho), Josh Lucas chews things up a bit, Kurt Russell is on top form and Kevin Dillon adds some clever light relief. Personally I heartily reccommend it, just don't expect Citizen Kane!!

Poseidon - 8/10

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