Saturday, June 10, 2006


Yet another damn good movie to come out of Korea, I don't think I've seen a bad one yet, although I haven't heard good things about The Quiet Family (upon which Miike's The Happiness Of The Katakuris is based).

The Empire quote on the front of the DVD case is "A mix of Nikita and Die Hard", it's been a long time since I've seen either, I can remember Die Hard clearer and it's nothing like that, except for maybe the explosives. A slightly closer comparison would be to Heat; the blazing gun fights in the street, the close meetings between two key pro' and antagonists. Directed by Je-gyu Kang this is a very different film from the other of his I've watched, Brotherhood. This is a reasonably fast paced, contemporary terrorism thriller, set predominantly in Seoul, South Korea and using the re-unification efforts as it's backdrop, think "24", but Korean and better.

There you go, that's my quote "A mix of Heat and 24" ;)

Once again, Min-Sik Choi delivers a brilliant performance, and although (as you'd expect), there have been some negative comments on the IMDB board, I found the plot gripping and extremely clever. Make no mistake, this is an action movie, a clever one, but an action movie nonetheless.

When I saw the trailer for Shiri, I thought I'd avoid it like the plague, but after watching Brotherhood and discovering that it was by the same director, I took a chance on it. I'm glad I did, the only negative for this? The sound mix, you get used to it, but it's not the best and can be a tad distracting at times, despite that, another must watch Korean movie!

Shiri - 8/10

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