Saturday, March 31, 2007


What is it with films based on computer games? I mean... they're all shite.

This one especially so.

Look at it this way, Doom; one of the greatest computer games of all time, atmospheric, scary, revolutionary. So why hire a couple of clearly the worst screenwriters on the planet, find a director who thinks he's playing the game and then spend a shitload of money on it to no avail??

I like The Rock, I most things I think he's extrememly entertaining and he should be the new Schwarzennegger (yes I know I've probably spelt that wrong), however, he's severely lacking in a suitable big budget vehicle to push him to that level, and Doom sure as hell isn't it either!

I'm sure Karl Urban could do better as well, he was ok in LOTR and Pathfinder looks ok, but then there's no real dialogue in the trailer so that could go anywhere, in Doom, he may as well just be the face at the bottom of the screen. And Rosamund Pike, somebody ask her to stop now please.

Doom - 2/10

Tip for the day: Spend 2 hours playing Doom 2 on a DOS PC instead

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