Thursday, August 09, 2007

Star Trek: Generations

The 7th Star Trek movie, 5 years after number 6 The Undiscovered Country, designed as a hand over to bridge the original cast and the Next Generation in the movie territory, and what a hand over!

A distinctly minimalist film compared to previous Star Trek fare, we kick off with Kirk and co handing over to a new crew of a new Enterprise (B), they pick up a distress call and during the rescue mission Kirk is lost.

Jump forward 78 years and we're on the Enterprise D with Picard and co, another distress call and another rescue mission. Please welcome to the party Malcolm McDowell and then a bit of time shifting craziness.

Turns out Kirk ended up in this thing called the Nexus which is "like being inside Joy", bit of stuff and now Kirk and Picard together!

More fighting then probably the best moment in Star Trek history, for those who know, well you know, for those that don't, where have you been and watch it.

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