Friday, August 10, 2007

Star Trek: Nemesis

Well this one's got a bit more meat to it, more than Insurrection at least. Apparently this was the least successful film in the Star Trek franchise, considering what poor efforts both Insurrection and The Final Frontier are this is actually rather surprising.

It's officially the final outing for TNG crew and they do try and go out with a bang. The Nemesis of the title is Praetor Shinzon, and the focus shifts towards the Romulans/Remans as the prime enemy for the film.

The Enterprise is sent to Romulus under false pretenses and soon discovers a sinister plot to destroy Earth, well at least all organic life on it anyway.

There's a few crappy plot devices and again too much time is spent dwelling on aspects of the main characters that aren't really of any consequence, sometimes combining the both.

And again I wish that Trek would go just a little darker, they set up quite an interesting plot with Shinzon, but fail to insert any real sense of jeopardy for those involved and one of the main character related events is not left on a down beat, which it could've done.

But overall, better than over-worthy (I know it's Trek) Insurrection and left me wondering about the accuracy of the people flying around the bridge when the ship gets shot. (think about the artificial gravity...geek)

Star Trek: Nemesis - 6/10

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