Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Wasp Woman (1960)

Cheers Zone Horror, need something to watch? You're pretty much ensured to find something here, well if you're ok with shit-good horror films anyway.

This afternoon's viewing was The Wasp Woman, a 1960 Roger Corman effort that wasn't brilliant, but wasn't the worst B&W horror I've ever seen. 

The film revolves around Mr Zinthrop's efforts to harness enzymes from Queen Wasp's royal jelly. When he's fired from his job he gain new employment with a failing cosmetics company and carries on his research with dire consequences!!!!11!

It was a little slow, but acceptable when you consider that it's an old film and directed by the almost Ed Wood like Roger Corman.

Now, when is Zone gonna repeat Humanoids From The Deep!?!

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