Monday, July 30, 2007

The Da Vinci Code

Well I've seen worse films, Da Code got pretty slated when it came out and it's no masterpiece to be sure, but it's watchable fare, helped obviously by the casting of Audrey Tatou, although a little weird hearing her English (haven't seen Dirty Pretty Things).

The thing kicks off with a murder in The Louvre, then a good old fashioned Grail quest begins, throwing in a lot of Da Vinci theories and stuff, all of which is pretty by the by and all this stuff happens with priests and monks and French police, blah blah blah, inspiring? No. Controversial? Probably if you're a Jesus fanboy, if not, then no, mildly interesting idea, but that's it.

Tom Hanks does a pretty good job of playing a boring academic with a mild case of mullet, Paul Bettany is pretty creepy and Ian McKellan plays himself again but with a walking issue.
So.. Watchable but, yeah whatever.

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