Thursday, July 26, 2007

I, Robot

If you want to make a "bustin' ass" sci-fi blockbuster, add Will Smith... pour example:

Independence Day
Men In Black
Men In Black II
I, Robot
I Am Legend (hopefully)

Whatever your personal thoughts are on each of these movies, you cannot deny that they are indeed "bustin' ass"

I really like I,Robot, this is a rewatch (picked the 2 disc up for THREE POUNDS), which means it can't be all bad! ;)

I don't know how it compares to the original story (or any of the others it was amalgamated from), but as far as a film in it's own right, it's pretty good.

Smith plays the ridiculously named Del Spooner (although not as ridiculous as John Matrix ) a technophobic cop who believes that a robot is responsible for the death of Dr Alfred Lanning and indeed much more odd goings on.

Smith's character does have some interesting depth in this one, unlike the previous sci-fi's of his and his introductory scene hints at a fair bit of subtle acting ability within the Fresh Prince exterior, then we run, shout and shoot things, which is cool.

The CG robots are a bit iffy in places, but they did pretty well and the main thing is it's a highly watchable film, although anyone know the point in Shia LaBeouf in this??


I, Robot - 8/10

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