Monday, July 30, 2007

The Proposition

The first surprise was that only the Aborigines sound Australian, this obviously makes sense as it's set way back in the day when Oz was first colonised, so we have predominantly a mix of English and Irish.

We kick off with a bit of a gunfight, Charlie Burns (Guy Pearce) is pinned down and eventually captured with his younger brother Mikey, Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) pops up and we find that there's an older brother, his proposition (of the title) is if Charlie goes and kills his elder brother, then Mikey won't be executed.

The only bad performance in this, and to be fair it's not really a bad performance, just a really dodgy accent is that of David Wenham, who is a brilliant actor, but just didn't nail the classic 'Brief Encounter' English accent, his native Aussie slipping through.

The Proposition is a nice 99mins long, but at times dragged a little, the sort of film you watch all the way through, enjoy, but every now and again your eyes and mind wander off briefly, not totally gripping, mainly due to the pace I feel. Also although the soundtrack was generally pretty good Mr Cave should've held back on a couple of the songs that seemed a little modern and out of place given the visuals.

All in all tho, a top film, well written, well acted, bring on the next one.

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