Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction


Yes, you heard, he can actually act, to be fair he does a bit of shouting in this, but that's not the staple as it is with most of his stuff, let's put it this way; to get choked up at the end of a Will Ferrell film, there's gotta be something going for it!

At first you think maybe the constant narration is going to be more than a little annoying, but that's not the case, not for me at least, mainly I think because it blends seamlessly with what Harold Crick is doing on screen, rather than the usual VO over montage or non-specific shots that usually crop up when VO is employed.

The "GUI" effects that adorn Harold (Will) throught the first part of the film are well done, lending to the character rather than distracting (and incidentally reminded me of Jack's apartment in Fight Club), Emma Thompson is Emma Thompson, but she's not bad, Dustin Hoffman doesn't even attempt to play an Italian in this one ;) and does a better job.

All in all i really enjoyed Stranger Than Fiction and would heartily recommend it to, well pretty much anyone that's covered by the 12 certificate.

Stranger Than Fiction - 8/10

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