Saturday, January 13, 2007

Night Watch [Nochnoi Dozor]

Another film somewhat over-hyped I feel. I expected a roaring, visceral, damaging vampire movie, what I got was a slow, mostly dull, somewhat confusing film with an annoying lead, who just needed to SPEAK UP!!

Yes I know it's in Russian, but still the noise of a man trying to speak through a millennia's worth of phlegm is not that nice!

Some of it was quite good, where the action got going that is, although I can understand that the main guy is tormented, depressed whatever, but why so weak?!? C'mon man sort it out!!!

Anyway, the marketing and what I'd heard about this film, pretty much misled me in most ways possible, not sure I'll be bothering with the other two.

Plus point tho, another two words to add to my russian vocab!

Night Watch [Nochnoi Dozor] - 5/10

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