Saturday, January 13, 2007

Underworld: Evolution

On a vampire (or vampyre depending on your preference) roll now, watched Night Watch, my mate Greg's on MSN telling me he's watching Underworld: Evolution, I think, "Yeah, i fancy a bit of that, the first was was entertaining enough..."

And so I did. Good story huh? ;)

Well, yes, the first one was entertaining, I enjoyed it at least, and like most heterosexual young men I was initially drawn to it by the promise of a tightly clad, vampy Kate Beckinsale :P And was not disappointed, reasonable film to boot!

So this second one was beckoning me with more of the same (obviously didn't expect anything more) and it delivered, although it didn't feel quite a pacy as the first, there was still enough Vampire vs Werewolf action to keep me amused for the duration.

If there was going to be a third (which there is), |'d watch it! Obviously not a £6 cinema trip, but much like Resident Evil, if it's on Sky, I'll sit down and enjoy :)

Underworld: Evolution - 7/10

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