Saturday, January 13, 2007


Just watched it on Sky, pretty enjoyable. I never really got into Firefly, mainly because it was on at stupid o'clock on Sci-Fi, from what i saw it was ok though.

Nathan Fillion, as well as everyone else, is clearly having a ball making this "western-in-space" romp across the galaxy. Chiwetel Ejiofor is the cool, emotionless killer (think John Preston before he went soppy, and thus Mr Ejiofor would've been far better in place of Taye Diggs...but I'm wandering...)

Basically everything revolves around the fact that they have a psychic girl (River) on board the ship (I think this leads on from the series), and the visions she's having. (Joss Whedon loves his ass-kicking little girls doesn't he...think John Preston as a girl...see Underworld...almost)

The plot is pretty mych standard sci-fi fare, it's the style (of writing) that sets it apart. Watch, chuckle and enjoy.

Serenity - 8/10

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