Saturday, January 13, 2007


Unfortunately for this film, due to when it was released immediate comparisons were made to Shaun Of The Dead, so I will make those here.

It's a British horror comedy.

End of Comparison.

Well almost, I'd put this more in the same camp as the excellent Dog Soldiers as opposed to SOTD.

Even throwing in a rather attractive American girl, Severance remains quintessentially British, the main characters, the humor, everything about it is good old Brit!

Most of all it's funny, bloody funny, in a very matter of fact kind of way, and some very clever ideas thrown in (notably with decapitation for one).

It also features probably the best death I've ever seen on screen with Billy, absolute brilliance!

I've seen a fair bit of ranting about this on IMDb (which is *the* place to see ranting and arguments if there was one!), it seems to divide people into two distinct camps, those who get it and those who don't.

The one's who don't clearly went to see it thinking it was going to be a full on "horror" in the vein of Hostel and the like, and even after the title sequence, *STILL* didn't get where the film was coming from and thus, in their ignorance came out unsatisfied.

The ones who do (myself included), see the cliché's and such for the irony they're there for, and thus enjoy the film. I rented this on DVD (see how good a movie at home can be), I WILL be purchasing of it for my collection. Cheers.

PS: Gordon *IS* Penfold

Severance - 8/10

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